William Steinberg

William Steinberg

Vice President, Product Development & Talent, Premium Experiences

Will Steinberg is the Vice President, Product Development & Talent, Premium Experiences.  Steinberg helps lead the creation of the product portfolio for EBG Premium Experience clients, with an emphasis on unique celebrity talent specific programming. 

Steinberg brings over 15 years in the sports, entertainment & talent related industries, including leadership roles at both TSE Sports & Entertainment and Premiere Global Sports, both organizations who were industry leaders in corporate hospitality and sports travel.  In 2012, Stenberg co-founded Goviva.  Goviva was a full-service sports, entertainment & experiential marketing agency.  Steinberg played a key role in the rapid growth of Goviva, by leading the charge in creating new products focused around athletes, entertainers, influencers and chefs, while expanding the business around major events such as the Super Bowl, Masters and Kentucky Derby.  In 2015, Goviva was acquired by CAA Sports, and Steinberg remained in an executive leadership role with the formation of CAA Premium Experience, before joining EBG in January 2017.

Steinberg received a bachelor’s degree from The University of Rhode Island and a Master’s degree in Sports Business from New York University.

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